Monday, October 6, 2014

What do you know...a cold...achoo

Yep this past week one of the sisters decided to share with me her lovely cold. I think I am going to have to explain to her that Charity for others is when you share happy things not things that will cause misery...I hate sneezing and blowing noses. I don't think I have had the classic cold in years...but will get over it soon I am sure!
Well I have so many stories and short on time! So I will share with you that Mark got baptized! That was so great! So simple and perfect. Great spirit about it.
I don't know if I told you before but my comps and I have a contacting game so that they are more motivated to talk with people. Well for every contact we get 1 pt then for every referral we get 3 then if we get a return appt we get 5 and then if we get a new investigator it is 10 pts well if we contact someone and they flirt with you you get -5 pts and if the bible bash it is -3 pts. WEll last week after emailing you all There was such a nice guy who came up to me and asked me hold old I was...I told him and then he asked me to guess how old was so I weezled out of it cause I hate that question he told me he was 43 then he proceeded to ask me to be his boyfriend...(he was special needs) So I try to politely tell him no...well the whole computer place went dead silent! DEAD SILENT and everyone was trying not to laugh at the whole situation...where were my companions!!!! Not standing next to me! So I told him I was a missionary and couldn't date people. He then was very persistant and asked me why was a bad ordeal...if that wasn't enough then a sane OLD man being snarky asked me what church I was from and asked if he could be my boyfriend...Hewas like 60....I couldn't believe this -10pts right there and it was only p-day! I lost the game that week all because of these two men who couldn't keep their mouths shut...good thing I still care more about peoples salvation than anythings else so I still talk with everyone!
Love you all
1SIster Pendleton

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