Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey Fam and Friends!
So yes I was able to receive a package and thank you for it. I am not mad that you used my favorite shirt. I am totally okay with it actually. I laughed really hard though when I found out that it was one of my favorite shirts though :) It was great. So I need prayers from you all please :) Thanks!
This past week has been a crazy good roller coaster of a week. We went on exchanges with 3 different sets of sisters and they are all so great! I love them so much. One was from the phillipines and she reminded me of the family that I taught in Cerritos. I miss them a lot.
Last night I had a dream that I was going on another mission but I was going to be missing another 2 Christmas's in a row and it meant another 3 years before seeing my family and friends...I was in a panic and said that I would have to decline the mission. I needed to see the family and be there. SO I don't know what that means but....yeah that is what I have to share.
Yesterday in church in Sunday School we had a member who was a friend of the investigator there and God knew that she needed to be there. We talked about tithing and Fast offerings. Our investigator is a single mom and she was trying to figure out how she was going to afford it whenn our member ended the class on explaining how she was able to get help from the church and that even though they gave her more that she gave back in return she still paid her tithing and it all worked out when she was a single mom. It was perfect. Our investigator was so relieved and it was just perfect. I couldn't even believe it. So all you members remember how important your testimony is to those who are searching for truth.
I love and miss all of you!
Sister Pendleton

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