Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey Everyone!!!!

So this week has been just a great week!!! Okay I guess I am really talking about last week but it has been good! So we basically had meetings everyother day because I am new and we had zone confrence and what not. But it was HILARIOUS!!! So I was meeting a lot of new elders and sisters and since everyone is asking me what I did before and if I plan on going to school and what what. well they are discovering that I am not 19 or 20 or even 21 but 23. I don't care but some of them are just so funny about it. Especially this one elder. He was just asking me lots of nosy questions about why I came out here and he was very open about how he didnt understand why I would leave my job and this and that to go on a mission so I decided to have some fun with him. SO I told him what he was probably thinking anyways but I said "Well basically I just gave up on love and that was why I came out." Yes I attempted to do it straight faced and no it didn't work but his reaction was PRICELESS!!!! He was so shocked and I just started laughing and said no not really I am just kidding! Then he was all confused. But It was funny. I want to firmly declare to everyone. I came out to the mission because that is where I felt God wanted me to go. I had a desire to serve him and was therefore called to the work. Refer to D&C 4! So anyways as for how the work is coming...we have a lot of investigators apparently. We picked up two new investigators and I am just beginning to see the love that God has for all of his children. He truly wants everyone back. The one investigator we have is Lynette. Her husband is a member and she has been investigating for the last two years but she is progressing so much more now. She is opening up to us and the other day we had such a powerful lesson. Her husband opened up about how he became a member and just how he knows that the gospel is such a blessing in his life. He wants that eternal family and Oh I wish you could have been there!!! I am so blessed to be in this area! So many good people. So we have been riding bikes and I kinda wish I could video tape it just because we are so awkward on them and everyone gives us this look like "oh those poor girls..." But I just smile and wave. We even got an appointment with a guy because we make such an impression while we ride our bikes about. It was cool. Contacted while riding a bike. We did ride like two streets longer because we were contacting him but that was definitly worth it.

Oh I want to know if the family is looking for one person that they can have the missionaries teach? I challenge you to by the end of the year have one person for the missionaries to teach. It will bless your life!

Love you all!!!

Sister Pendleton

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