Monday, November 18, 2013

1st Transfer Down!

Hey Everyone...
Thanks for the answers...really I just don't know what to think about it and the fact that my life is now just getting rocked by the answer. So anyways....
Mom will you send me Chad's small quad and I will turn around and send a set of my scriptures so that he can use those ones. I need a small set turns out...Thanks!
This past week we had two different baptisms. Lynette and Mckenna. both went really well and I will send pictures. We are hoping that we can teach Mckenna's mom and sister now. Pray for us!!!!
You can include the next story:
So we were driving to our baptism yesterday and I guess the YSA ward had just ended and there were two guys standing by this girl next to her car. totally flirting my initial response was " What do those elders think they are doing!!!!" Then I realized that they weren't missionaries just dressed up for church and that they could actually be doing that....I am definitely turning into a missionary!
Saw a mastif was huge and fluffy! I want one now! so I am e-mailing it so I won't forget what it is called!
So onto some spiritual juice! So yesterday during sacrement we were asked to do a musical number. We had margaret who has cerebral palsy come and sing with us. the member who wanted us to sing wasn't as excited to have her sing with us because she can't really sing but we all wanted her to sing with us so we had her sing with us. It was so great! She was so happy and just beaming! she has been a less active
 and really it has been because she doesn't feel loved or important. But she felt important and loved that day! Everyone came up and complimented her and thanked us for including her. They said that touched their hearts. The spirit was so strong in that meeting yesterday! AHHH there is so much to write but this will be it for this week! Love you all! enjoy the pics!

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