Monday, November 11, 2013

This Past Week

So first things first! Did you know that Thanksgiving is on the LAST Thursday of the month this year????? So I NEED someone to just answer WHY and HOW that even happened!!! Kinda freeking out about it currently!!!

Alright now that the business is taken care of on to my doings....So a complete miracle happened this past week. We got a new investigator who is going to be baptized in about a week! She is a great girl! her story is basically that her dad is a member and her mom is not. Her dad went inactive and they have been raised by the grandparents who are very strong in the gospel and have just been a great example to everyone! So she has been wanting to be baptised all her life but her mom wouldn't give her permission and so her grandma has told her to just pray that her moms heart would be softened. They have been praying for years and now out of the blue her mom has decided that she will allow her to be baptized!!! They are so excited about it and reallly it is such a huge miracle! You can definately see God's hand in all of the process. She has been coming to church for years and she has been doing seminary study and she wants to go to BYU. She is a great girl and she has pushed through rough times but has definately proved herself!
We have a few other investigators who are progressing nicely. We are pretty busy but wish that we could be a little more busy.
We contacted some Jehovah Wittnesses the other day. That was interesting. I was slightly sad because I wasn't able to ask them the one question that I really wanted answered...I can't look it up so if someone will look it up for me and report...find out what they believe about blood products and such. I wanted to ask them personally but they were educating us about what they believed and it just didn't seem quite apppropriate. But it was a peacable meeting. They showed me what it was like to be on the other side of a lesson. I have vowed to do my best to change how I teach so that way they will be more receptable to the gospel.
Well Love you all!!! I hope everything is going well!
Sister Pendleton

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