Monday, November 25, 2013

This Sick week

Hey Everyone!

so this past week we got slightly sick...unfortunately. But honestly I got the better end. I was sick in the morning and was able to continue working through the day...hopefully it stays that way! So this week we met with an investigator and she is SOOOOO prepared! I can't even tell you. she is recognizing that God is answering her prayers and she realizes that it isn't the way that she thinks He would have but He is AND that we have something to do with IT! We really don't but our message does!!!! It is so COOL! I love her so much! She is going through a whole lot at this time and my heart just aches for her! I can't even tell you how much I wish that she wasn't going through all of these things but I know that she is on her path back to God and she NEEDS this gospel and now she will listen! I feel so blessed to have found her. She said that it wasn't a coincidence that we found her because she was getting taught in AZ and now she has seen us here!!! She was disappointed when we had to reschedule our appointment with her and all of these different things! So blessed.

So this week is looking to be a great week as well. We are meeting lots of new people and we will be having a mexican Thanksgiving!!!! I am actually excited about it! And then we can start listening to Christmas music!!! I am so excited!!! But I need Christmas CD's to listen too.....SOOOO Ma Familia.....can you help me out here??? I would love that...and sooner the better :). You know how much I LOVE Christmas and especially the Music!!!

So I haven't heard from Stuart or Anthony or Mckae...I would love to write them. Unfortunately I don't have their addresses. If someone would get that to me I would be so grateful!

Oh so Mom....I am suppose to tell you thank you for raising me from Elder Packer...(It is President Packers Son) and yeah we got interview (scary) (jk but really). We had a zone confrence this past week and we were able to discuss how to use Family History which is great because I LOVE it! I just need some more information such as Grandpa Smith's and Grandma's Smiths Grandparents and Parents names....Don't freak too much I think I have them but am not 100% that they are right so if you would just give them to me so I can know that as I am sharing that I won't be lying so the spirit can be stronger and my family happier on the other side for correctly getting their names. I know it would please me if I was on the other side!

Well we are doing well...Elders want the email now so I better get going! Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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