Monday, December 9, 2013

Strange things are Happenin' to......

Hey Everyone,

So this past week has been an adventure. My companion has been called as a sister training leader and so she had a meeting on Tuesday which went from a what we thought would be an hour training to a 5 hour training which was slightly a little crazy so I got rushed to another companionship and basically went on an exchange in someone elses area. It was great! Got to know the two sisters better. Sister Doyle is one of the sisters that was in our group who is, for those who came to my last sacrement talk prior to leaving and remember, Brandon's little sister. They are alike that is for sure! I loved it though! then we went on two exchanges and I was able to go with two different sisters in my area. So on Wednesday I was with Sister Aliki who is the one in the picture. She is from Tonga and we were able to do service for the member that we live with by helping her decorate her house for Christmas! It was so awesome! This was her first time ever decorating a Christmas tree and she was so excited about it! I love her enthusiasm! We also rode bikes which was also her first time and I just about died of a heart attack!!! Seriously, she kinda would ride in the middle of the rode and it was giving me some mommy moments when I see her life flashing before my eyes as a car comes. But she did really well. Super powerful missionary. Very spiritually prepared.

Then there was Thanksgiving. It was a great day. We made Aunt Josee's yam sufflet which wasn't as good as her's but edible and took it to Margaret (the one in the wheelchair from last week) and then we had mexican food. It was delicious. It was rice and beans and a type of beef and I can't even tell you what it was called with tortillas. Yummy! We took a pumpkin pie to a members house who was less active and struggling to have dessert , but her husband who was higher than high came in and touched it and so we felt like the safest thing to do was not partake of our yummy pie. It was interesting! But the member was very thankful because it was the only Thanksgiving food that she had that day.

I love seeing all the Christmas lights out here. Everyone has decked out for Christmas already and I absolutely love it! We listen to Christmas music that sister Folsom got and I just love Christmas!!! (Slightly missing the snow but it is okay...I will have plenty more Christmas's with Snow)

2Nephi chapter 4 has been just a great chapter for me this week! Check it out!
Mom, Ken, you are awesome to help the Missionaires...sometimes they really are very lost and need members help. Thats for sure! We definately rely on the members a ton!

Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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