Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey so items of need currently are:

Anthony and Mckaes Address,
Stuart's Address,
Cooper's address,
That would be super helpful!

 Christmas is coming! Mom thanks for sending that stuff!!! I really appreciate it. And Aunt Josee. I don't know what I have gotten yet if you sent it to the office I would hope it is there but I might not get it until Thursday. Unfortunately. But that is okay. Aunt Josee wasn't I suppose to wait until Christmas to open it? I am not going to cheat myself by opening it sooner, unless you wrapped whatever is in it. But My comp will check if it comes to that.  So yeah....Mom what ever you would like to send excluding would be great. I love the pictures of Jesus and temples that are smaller, remember the ones you bought me before I left? Oh and here is a story about those cards. So we wanted to contact this lady and she was walking infront of us and she had two little boys with her well I used the cards to get their attention and now we are going to go see her this week. Hopefully it continues to progress. I really liked the lady that we talked with. She was very open, friendly and well lots of potential. Pray for us! So yeah those pictures I have been giving away. Umm music that is like motab or whatever. I don't really need anything right now. Talk with aunt Josee I did give her a slight list a while back :)

So this past week we had the ward Christmas Party. It was such a success. It was awesome. We had 3 investigators come and a few less actives. We also met two different less active families who we are going to keep going by. They are very friendly and absolutely love us. There was a primary nativity which was ADORABLE! It made me slightly home sick actually, but I loved it! I love Christmas. We have been sharing a Christmas message which has been getting us into a few more doors than normal and I love it! I have also been asking families to read Luke Chapter 2 together as a family so I hope that every family will do this (Mom, Dianna, Anth, Will, Stuart, relatives...) Thanks! It will definately bring an added measure of Christmas Spirit in the homes and who doesn't want that around Christmas???

Deedee is doing great! Still just on a role...she has been reading with her roommate and we started working with another recent convert who is just super sweet. She was baptized the same day as Deedee and is just so strong in the gospel. She is always reminding people to be respectful of the gospel and the Spirit that way everyone can feel of God's love. These two women are both such huge examples to me of faith and I am slightly ashamed of the times I took being a member for granted.

Well the last of the month is coming, have you all taken Elder Ballards challenge and invited someone closer to Christ by talking with them about the gospel? If not do you have a plan to implement in the next two weeks?

I love you all!!!!

Sister Pendleton

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