Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week and Transfers!

Hey everyone! So I am getting transferred out of Whittier into the Lakewood zone, but I think it is actually in Cerritos....I am not sure at all. I am excited to meet people there but I am kinda saddened about leaving Whittier and all of the people here and Sister Folsom. I know that this new area will be good though and have heard good things about it...not that that matters because apparently Whittier West zone wasn't a good area to be in but Sister Folsom and I have had much success in the area. SO really it is all about attitude. Besides we wouldn't have missionaries where God hasn't prepared people.

This past week we had a great finding story! So Sister Folsom contacted a guy at the library last week while we were emailing and got his address and on Friday we went to go contact him...well we were walking down trying to find the right house when we met a lady named Julie and we started talking with her about the gospel and she seemed pretty open she said it was okay that we come back and referred us to her husband. Said that he really needed God in his life at this time. She told us where she lived and we discovered after she kept walking to her destiny that it was the same house as the man we were going to contact. So we decided that we would just come back at the return appointment that we had made. It was awesome! So we went and saw them yesterday well him, the wife wasn't there. But we made another return apt and am excited for him to keep progressing. It was a miracle the way everything happened though!
Happy Birthday to Rachel tomorrow!!!! Hope she enjoys her 18th Birthday! You are so OLD!!!! HOLY COW! I am sending a package she has presents and it will also have my quad in it for Chad to use! Thanks for all the presents and letters! I got the wards letters! That was super sweet!

Happy New Year!

Sister Pendleton

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