Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 2 of Cali

Hey everyone,

#1 So my p-day was the following thursday after I entered the MTC and then I flew out on tuesday so I missed my mission p-day. So mondays are my p-day I just had to wait till now. I made it laundry wise though...barely! So Mom sorry I didn't e-mail you, apparently you don't have the makettle email and I never learned the other one. So now I have it! Jess, I would have called but my calling card only allowed me to call once. So I should have really just sang to you! Don't worry I still love you and thank you so much for the pictures of the Conner. Anth Mckae, would love more pictures from you as well as Dianna...So these past two weeks have been a blur. First off so the MTC was great! I learned a lot and had 9 people in my district. One Elder was my age but I was still older than him. Everyone knows I am older and it is funny  because they are all afraid to ask me about how 0ld I am. So I flew out to Cali and the Lord answered my prayers. I sat by a complete stranger who for 2 hours we just sat and talked religion. It was GREAT! She took a pass along card and she said how she probably wouldn't have let one of the missionaries in but I hope now that she has met one of us that she will. She was such a great person and the gospel could add so much to her life. So then I got off the plane met the president and his wife and some AP's. Then I was assigned temporarily to a three some. Yes Aunt Faun...your words rang in my head!!!! It was actually okay. it wasn't as bad as I thought it could have gone. That day we met with this family who turns out to be the family of Will's last companion, wilhelm. Which made me laugh because it really is like the whole where ever I go I am "Will's Sister" which is actually kind of comforting in a sense. I was reassigned the next day to Sister Folsom, and we are white washing an area where sisters havent been for probably at least 30 yrs. We haven't figured out why except that the ward we are in have been praying for a year or longer for sister missionaries and have been expecting them since february so we are the long awaited sister missionaries. It has been great working with them. We have a lot of less actives in the area and the area is really nice, and friendly. There are areas where we are not allowed after dark and we have a car once it gets dark. I love my companion though she is great! She is from North Salt Lake and is just such a sweet girl. We live with a member who reminds me of a grandma. So the most different thing I have seen is a drug deal... NO ONE FREAK OUT! Hahaha it was so funny to watch cause as I was watching (inside my car) I was like seriously this isn't happening is it??? but it did!!! I was so shocked...needless to say it was amazing and honestly I was looking forward to seeing something like that. Then we walked into an area where it was potent of weed. It was crazy! Don't worry we smelled it and then it kept getting stronger so I looked at my comp and said "Sister, you know what that is right?" and she just said slightly rejected "Yes, yes I do." So we turned around before we even got close to anyone. Lets just say there was a mass amount of people there. And then we actually went to see someone else, who took us to the person we actually wanted to see in the first place. It was AMAZING because God really watches out for us and I saw that first hand. Mom, Grandma don't worry we are smart and have quickly learned what area to avoid and we have God's protection. You will hear all my awesome stories as they come.  It was eye opening in the least! We haven't been able to teach many people but we have a lot more planned for this week. The elders have just handed us 3 investigators with a date but we haven't met with them yet. We keep missing them just barely. I will be sending letters here soon. Will someone please send me Ben's address please!!! Thanks. So yeah umm...learning so much very quickly. Yes I did see Abigail. That was fun. I saw her the training day we had for everyone leaving on Oct 8th and then I saw her at the airport when we left. I saw sydnie carter too at the mtc and Shayla clifton. I think my favorite thing so far is contacting. that is pretty fun. Will someone please get me Kami's email address??? Kelly maybe? I would really appreciate it! Well that's it for this week!
Love you all!!!

Sister Pendleton

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