Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey Everyone!

I don't have much time but I will try to get everything that I want said. So pretty much I have pictures but I won't be able to load those this week apparently. Unfortunately. I am very sad about that but it's okay. So my comp is sister correa which is brazillian which means the two rr's are a BIG H. so hopefully you can pronounce that better than I could for the first day. So I love her though. Big adjustment to Sister Pendleton though. It was crazy and now that it has been a week that is my first name. Hahaha everything is happening so fast. I feel like the days are like months but the weeks fly by!!! We have been teaching progressives and the TRC people who come in from off the street. This person we met with last time totally dominated the conversation and I learned that when the investigator controls the conversation the Lord cannot speak to them at all. I am quickly learning what I don't know and just trying to remember what I do know. But thankfully I have a strong testimony and just know that this is right so of course I am going to keep learning. So something I didn't think about prior to buying new scriptures is that all of my lovely scriptures that I had highlighted and knew where they were by flipping and what color they were highlighted don't exist now so I feel like I am at square one with the scriptures. Oh well, I love starting over. I now know that I have a lot of coloring activities a head of me.
So I don't know if I got mom's email right so will someone please pass this onto her. It might just be jess that I have right right now. So Mom, I need my pants. Did you send them somewhere cause I don't have any? And could you also send a t-shirt that doesn't have any logos or writing on it. That would be much appreciated. Send it to my mission home address. I fly out at I think 6 in the morning on Oct. 8th. So I guess if we call expect it then! I know I am just a bright happy early bird and would love to wake you all up!
There are so many things that have happened and I just don't know what else to say. I do love the strength of the mtc and seriously I just LOVE the Lord. He knows exactly what I need and can handle. Also my brain feels like it is literally growing because I have to take in so much information.It kinda hurts sometimes and I feel so tired but have been literally having nightmares the past week because my brain won't shut off which doesn't help me with sleep. I think it is because everything is so new. Extent of nightmares....I dreamt I was a nurse and discharging a baby and the baby died and I had to do CPR and the baby lived but yeah...positive note about not sleeping well...I have been able to get up early and on time everyday without too much resistance. Also I have come to realize that I need to strive to understand the Lord not have the Lord understand me.

Well Love you all!!!!

Sister Pendleton 

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